Who am I.

I‘m a photographer and a Visual artist. The gallery is My own unique original works. 

So far I am primary a landscape photographer. In the past I have painted oil and acrylic on canvasses, and among other things I am inspired by the golden age painters when I shoot and edit my pictures. I have been a gamer in periods and also find some inspirations in that. 

How did I become a photographer? I guess I always was off a creative nature, since I was a child and before my waitrees carriare.  I sang, danced, drew, sewed, painted and what ever I could lay my creative mind on. But life wantd it different for me at the time, so i bacame an educated waitress and have been that since 1997. but not anymore though. I also became a mom4life back in 2004. 

I lost mu abillity to work full time, and i started out with my iphone, that i haved used many times to shoot photos. until i meet a skilled photographer and he has helped find my camera and now im undstoppleble.. Today we re bussiness partners and friends. 

I always follow what my heart tells me, when I shoot and editing my photos. Everything you see in my galleries – My best equitment is my eyes and the art from my heart.

-Fell free to comment or send me a word or two. thanks in advance. 

Regards Charlotte Clausen